There were 100 seats offered for the 5th EMHC but not all of them were given away and therefore some of the convention material is still available. Now you have the chance to obtain what is left for your own joy or to give it to a friend as a very special gift. Limited offers.


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  1. 1.Program book, 70 pages, full colour, hard bound, A4, with the whole story about „Fredo Marvelli“. More than 200 photos. 35,00 Euro

  2. 2. Souvenir program „Marvelli 25 Years“, facsimle print from an orginal 1948, A5, 12 pages. 8,00

  3. 3.Large tube with about 12 posters including a rare reprint of Friedländer No. 395 and Paul Scheldon. 35,00 Euro

  4. 4.Fredo Marvelli fanning cards, double backs, reprinted by the US Playing Card Co., 25,00 Euro

  1. 5. Memorial booklet for Walter Wenger with many lovely magic illustrations, A6, 32 pages, 5,50 Euro

  2. 6.EMHC  pin, 2 x 2 cm, two colors, 5,00 Euro

  3. 7.Convention envelope with more than 20 items including magic postcards and an original program booklet from the Hansa Theatre. 5,50 Euro

Please ask for what is still left before you order: